Argentine Tower is a public square of Rome situated in the ancient zone of Campo Marzio in which there are four roman temples of the Republic age. The name of the square refers to the Tower Argentine, called from Johannes Burchard (about 1445 - 1506, italian name Burcardo), who from 1483 was the master of ceremonies of 5 popes (Sisto IV, Innocenzo VIII, Alessandro VI Borgia, Pio III and Giulio II).
The high preside, born in Strasburgo (Argentoratum in Latin) and therefore loved signing himself Argentinus, had acquired a land in the zone, on the rests of the Theatre of Pompeo, and, demolishing the medieval preexistences, he had built a palace, House of the Burcardo, on the street of Sudario.
After 1730 the property was partially used for the construction of the Argentine Theatre (perpetuating in the time "the theatral" vocation of the zone) and the tower, stumped in the 800 and then incorporated in a raising, by now it is undefined, but it gave the name to the square.
The tower that rises in the Largo of Torre Argentina is the Tower of Papito, a tower of medieval age, but it has nothing in common with the "Argentine Tower".
In the 1909 it was decided to reconstruct some parts of the capital of the new Reign of Italy, so the zone of Argentine Tower. The plans included the Tower of Papito and the rests of a temple in the new buildings that would have been built in the zone, after having demolished the existing buildings
As a result of these jobs, between which the demolition of the church of Saint Nicholas de' Cesarini, there were some marble rests of a colossal statue; from these rests there were important archaeological diggings that discovered a sacred area, going back to the republican age.
The destination of the zone to archaeological area was in doubt until there was the decision to arrange the area in order to constitute the so-called Foro Argentino, inaugurated in April 1929.

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