Trevi Fountain is the biggest one and one of the most famous Fountains in Rome.
Planned by Nicolò Salvi, it is an union of classicism and baroque a side of Poli Palace. The topic of the sculpture is sea. The scenography is dominated by a coach, of shell shape on which there is the great statue of the Pietro Bracci Ocean, placed side by side in the lateral niches with the statues of Healthiness and Abundance, Filippo della Valle work; the coach is hauled from small sea horses, preceded by tritons. In the fountain, baroque sculpture and architecture are perfectly linked, in an evocative aquatic show.
A known tradition wants that you throw a coin in the fountain turning the shoulders, because in this way you will surely return in the city. The coins, daily kept, are addressed from the Common of Rome to charity works.
It has been deeply restored in 1998, when it has been cleaned up and it has been modernized and the hydraulic system was arranged too.

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