Castel Sant' Angelo (or Mole Adriana or "Castellum Crescentii" in the X-XII sec.)
is a roman monument, situated on the right side of Tevere, in front of pons Aelius (actual Sant'Angel bridge) at a little distance from the Vatican, in the district of Borgo.
Begun from emperor Adriano in 135 his funeral mausoleum, inspiring himself to the complete mausoleum of Augusto, it was completed by Antonino Pio in 139. It was rebuilt in front of Campo Marzio to which it was joined from a bridge, the Bridge Helium. The mausoleum was composed from a cubical base, covered by marble, having a decoration with oxens heads (Bucrani) and angler pilaster strips. In this decoration we could read the names of the buried emperors put inside. On this side there was the incoming arc entitled to Adriano, the dromos (the access passage) completely covered of ancient yellow.
Above the base cube there was a drum realized in peperino and in cement work (opus caementicium) all covered by travertine and flutted pilaster strip. Above it there was a tumulus of tree-lined earth encircled from marble statues (there are some fragments of it). The tumulus, finally, was surmounted by a bronzed quadriga guided by emperor Adriano represented like the sun. Around the mausoleum there was the wall with bronze gate decorated with peacocks, we find two of them in Vaticano.
To the inside part, there were lighting pools illuminating the helicoidal scale in tile that connected the dromos to the cell in the centre of the tumulo. The last one, squared and entirely covered by polychrome marbles was surmounted by other two burial cells.

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