Colosseo, originally known as Flavio Amphitheater or simply like Amphitheatrum,
is the most famous roman amphitheater, and it is situated in the centre of the city of Rome. It can contain until 50.000 spectators, it was the greatest and the most important amphitheater of the imperial age. It was used for the gladiator shows and other public manifestations (hunting shows, famous battles shows, and dramas based on classic mythology).
Built up in an area to the limit of the Foro Romano, its construction began between the 70 and the 72 under Vespasiano emperor, and finished in the 80 under Tito, with modifications during the reign of Domiziano. It was no more used after VI century, the enormous structure was used in the centuries, as material quarry. Today it is a symbol of the city and one of its greater tourist attractions, being one of the examples better conserved of the roman architecture.
The building forms an ellipse of 527 m of circumference, with aces that measure 188 m for 156 m. In the internal part, arena is 86 m for 54 m, with a surface of 3.357 m?. The height reaches 48,5 m, but originally it was 52 m.

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